Forever Young

I'm So Sorry :'[
Monday, 23 January 2012 ? 0 Atashinchi ?

     Kay HI peeps :3 Kay , My relationship is complicated back ;[ I don't know why  . Seriously , I don't know the reason :/ Did I am wrong ? Or him ? Kay stop thingking about it Fara ! comeon dear ! Seriously I try to forget about thi but I can't :[ you know why ? Because I really really love him :* Maybe ni dah kli ke-4 ke kali ke-5 we got fighting :[ Why it must happen again -.-' I know , This is real life and we must accept it :'] And lama nya kita org gaduh :/ Selama 10 hours :/ lama lah tu kann . Biasanya kita org gaduh tak ada lah lma mcm ni -.- I guess it will be happen again and again and again and again untill our relationship ending :'[ Seriously , believe me :'[I try to get back our happiness but I'm so scared . Seriously . I don't know why , every times Fara gduh dgan dia , Fara tkut untk bersuara dgan dia :'[ why ? Because I can't hear her voice while his criying :'[ I'M PITY FOR HIM :'[ Seriously I can't dear :'[ I'm so sorry sayang :'[ I cant' make you happy , I can't be a perfect girl as you want and else :'[ I'm sorry again dear :'[ Kbye . I Love You Sayang :* more than my life . I Swear :']

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// Forever Young-One Direction